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سازی که گرفتیُ   یاد نگرفتیُ  داره خاک می‌خوره.

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A word used by many idiots to make them feel better about themselves while laughing at the misfortunes of many people who are many times
1. Depressed
2. Unable to raise their social status
3. Have gone through many hardships
4. Will probably be virgins for a LONG time
5. Have been tormented about being losers for all their life and don’t need to hear any more bull shit.





یک جنگجو،یک احساساتی،یک بی‌شعور،یک بی‌همه چیز، یک بازنده، یک نجنگیده،یک شکست خورده،یک بی‌قرار، یک مرده‌ ، یک نصیحت‎‌کننده،یک هیچ .


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